Last Plunge (WV Bred)

TB, B, G, FOALED APRIL 30, 2011



Your kind donation will support LAST PLUNGE. "Plunge" lives in permanent sanctuary in our program.

Last Plunge is the quite the character here on the farm! With 74 lifetime starts and $237,780 in winnings over his lifetime, he is an amazing horse, and has earned all the love and care we can give him - and yes, he loves it! He is an absolute sweetheart when it comes to getting attention, and loves nothing more than having his forehead scratched, getting a scrubby bath, and then rolling in the mud to have it done all over again. Call his name and he'll come running from the field, happily racing everyone to the fence to beg for attention.

Likes: Scrubby baths and lots of love, mud puddles, being in the field with his friends
Dislikes: Water near his ears! But he still loves baths!

Special Needs:

Joint supplements & a once per month injection to help his joints
Hoof supplements 

A sweet as can be warhorse, he is a puppy dog is a horse body, loving nothing more than getting scratches and bathed, and loves playing in mud puddles when it rains. 

"Plunge's" Monthly Needs: Joint Supplements supplemental care

Reoccurring Sponsorship includes:

A photo and sponsorship certificate to display in your home or office!

Single or group (family or friends) visitation including grooming sessions and feeding treats (provided by our organization).

Visitation may be scheduled directly through our website.

Monthly subscriber perks:

$20.00 - Once Monthly Visit that includes grooming & feeding treats (supplied by our organization). 

$50.00 - Certificate & photo of your sponsored horse and one monthly visit

$100.00 - Certificate & photo of your sponsored horse and two monthly visits, updated monthly newsletter

$250.00 - Certificate & photo of your sponsored horse and three monthly visits, updated monthly newsletter

$500.00 - Certificate & photo of your sponsored horse, once weekly meet and greet visit & engraved stall plaque with you/family/company name engraved at the horse's stall or in the main barn area.

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