Aftercare Is A Safety Net.

Commitment to each horse for their entire lives.

TRRAC (Thoroughbred Retirement, Rehabilitation, and Careers) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit Thoroughbred aftercare program and sanctuary located on Maui Meadow Farm in West Chester, PA. Since its founding in 1946, Maui Meadow Farm has always been a staple of the horse racing world and one of the few farms that offered rehabilitation and sanctuary to their horses, even after their racing career. For years now, TRRAC has focused its efforts on providing a dignified retirement for Thoroughbred racehorses, while also rescuing horses who have been victims of abuse, neglect, abandonment, and the slaughter pipeline. We were officially incorporated in 2017. At TRRAC, all of our horses are evaluated for soundness, disposition, and suitability for their second career so we are able to develop a personalized rehabilitation program for each horse. Our rehabilitation program includes professional training, medical care, physical therapy, and nutritional care. Once our horses have completed their program, they are adopted out to pre-approved homes where they can begin the next step in their lives and careers. We also offer permanent sanctuary for elderly and special needs horses and all of our horses are welcome to come back to our farm if they can no longer be cared for. 

Your contribution helps us fund every aspect of our program.

  • General Daily Needs: Hay, feed, supplements, medications, and bedding
  • Veterinarian & Farrier Costs: Vaccinations, de-worming, shoes, etc.
  • Medical Costs: Diagnostics, hospital visits, emergency care, life-saving surgery, etc.
  • Rehabilitation Costs: Follow-up veterinarian visits, chiropractic, special training, and different therapies.
  • Transportation and Quarantine: Many horses coming to us are in desperate need of medical attention. This means shipping cannot wait even a day and it comes at a very high cost.  

Every dollar is greatly appreciated. Our basic costs are outlined below. 

  • $5.00: Dewormer
  • $5-20: Supplements
  • $25 00: 50 Pound Bag of Top Brand Feed
  • $45: Hoof Trim
  • $120: Front Shoes
  • $200: Large Hay Bale
  • $350: Week's worth of shavings for bedding
  • $950: Weekly Load of Hay and Straw
  • $500: Veterinarian Evaluations & medical diagnostics

Facundo rehabilitated from a sesamoid injury where veterinarians were unsure of his prognosis at the time. With donations, time, and careful rehabilitation, Facundo made a complete recovery. Facundo entered the 2017 Thoroughbred Makeover and traveled with TRRAC founders Nina and Charlie Lyman to Lexington, Kentucky where he placed in the top ten out of 70 other horses.

To learn more about TRRAC, please go to our website at!

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